getting high

getting high
no herbs
love verbs
spark conversation
ignite my palette
inhale my intellect
puff, puff, pass,
it’s that ultimate
high of verbal elation
it’s that thc
talk, hear, converse


Crochet Marley Hair

I’ve done crochet styles in the past where I twisted the hair. I’ve been meaning to do this particular style, where I leave the marley hair with it’s natural pattern. This style is best when you do a twist out with the marley hair, as I did with this hair. The whole process of installing the hair took about 2 hours non-stop. If you didn’t know, one side of my hair is shaved so that made the process shorter. I love the results! Words of caution: if you do not like big hair, do not try this style! If not, then go ahead a rock some big hair for Spring.

Photo on 4-21-14 at 9.24 AM #2

Photo on 4-21-14 at 9.26 AM #3

“A lot of peopl…

“A lot of people are capable of long term relationships, but they are not capable of monogamous relationships.”
-Phalande Camille

At the University of Miami I witness many people who are young, wild and free. They enjoy their youth having fun and having casual sexual encounters with multiple partners. It is very surprising when I find out that these same individuals have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Beyond that, they have been with that particular girlfriend/boyfriend for several years and they are still with them. Are we as college students allowing our significant other, or in this case insignificant other, a free card to sleep around? Or are we involved in relationships where both people are allowed to have sex with others, while being emotionally invested in only each other? These are just some of the questions that I would like to get answered, but in the mean time I came up with this quote to explain a phenomenon that I saw happening on this campus. 

“Some people st…

“Some people stay for love.
For some, love makes them stay.”
-Phalande Camille

This is a quote that I came up with after speaking to a friend of mine who said that he never said “I Love You” to his girlfriend of over 3 years. Another friend of my, Jennifer, was baffled that you can be with someone for that long and never express your love for them. At the end of the day, what people value in relationships vary. 

“It’s not about…

“It’s not about the size of your closet, it’s about the size of your heart”


“It’s not about what’s in your closet, it’s about what’s in your heart”

-Phalande Camille

I was inspired to come up with these quotes after reading an African Proverb that says “You are beautiful; but learn to work, for you cannot eat your beauty.”

Don’t Touch My Hair Part 2


It was another day on the campus of the University of Miami. I felt revitalized by the southern sun and sky blue waters. I was rocking a bantu knot out and wearing my ankh necklace, let’s just say I was channeling my inner Cleopatra.
Then this girl (who shall not be named) saw me, shrieked, complimented me on my hair and did the unthinkable.
She proceeded to fly across from the table and use her claws to touch my hair. I even felt some of my strands shriveling up. It was such an invasion upon my tresses. Truthfully, until that moment I did not understand, fully, the phrase ‘don’t touch my hair’.
My head is not a petting zoo. My crown shall not be defiled by the same people who have been telling me that it should be straightened, permed or relax. You can walk around with your crown of thorns, I will proudly bear my crown incrusted with jewels of shea butter, coconut oil and keratin. I will sit straight upon the throne of melanin, which is rightfully mine.
My kinks and coils will only bow to the wind, my curls will continue to defy gravity and defy your standards of beauty. Admire it if you must, ask questions if appropriate but please don’t touch my hair.

(It’s been a couple of days since I wrote this post. But I was scrolling on tumblr and landed on this:tumblr_n34i4tKLID1tw2bw5o1_500
I would like to reiterate that our natural hair IS NOT and WILL NEVER be a tourist attraction, we ARE NOT wild animals to be gawked at and petted for your amusement.)