If a woman hates another woman, she hates herself
If a woman criticizes another woman, she criticizes herself
Now imagine…
If a women uplifts another woman, she uplifts herself
If a woman praises another woman, she praises herself
Imagine now…
Self, Sisterhood and Solidarity

This short poem came about from a post I saw on tumblr and this part stood out to me: “Women love to tear each other down… correction, insecure women love to tear other women down. “

Phalasophy #4

“It is better to have peace in pieces then no peace at all”

-Phalande Jean

I came up with this quote during a conversation with a friend of mine. We were having a discussion about the state of mind of an individual after a breakup from a long term relationship. For every year of that relationship, it takes two to get them out of your system. Those first few years without them is like going to rehab, you crave them as your fix yet you know they are what is making you sick. Those years are tumultuous consisting of periods where you have excommunicated them from your life to moments you consider getting back together. In those times peace come in pieces. 

Live Not

By: Phalande Jean

These are your instructions
Live not by the standards set forth by society
Instead live thy own truth
As the sweat hovers over the skin to cool it down
Let positivity seep from the pores of your soul
Be a refreshing spirit in a world
that seeks to decapitate your will
Look not at each new morning with disdain and uncertainty
Arise with a spirit of gratitude and conquer it
Rest not your head at night disappointed
at your failures and stumbles
Reflect instead on your growth and the lessons learned
Declare your truth
Believe your truth
Embody your truth
Lies are toxic chemicals of the tongue
spoken to deteriorate sanity
Falsehood cloaks itself in humanitarianism
Those who receive it are left
starving for peace
and parched for authenticity
Deconstruct formulas set forth in these structure
that have you living your life to find x
Realize that you are x, you define yourself
Your life is the most intricate algorithm weaved together
to complete the equation for happiness
Cosmic dust and good intentions has enabled you to be
in this time and in this now to fulfill a purpose
Your purpose is not depression
Your purpose is not lack of self-control
Your purpose is not hatred, jealousy nor pride
The complexity of your being is to commit
simple acts of love, courage and honesty
Let not the seeming apocolypse of war, injustice and poverty harden your heart
In a globe of billions who seem lost
Look within yourself and you will find freedom
Now that you have released yourself
Unlock the shackles that are binding
your brothers and sisters
Unlock the shackles of fear, low self esteem
and rejection from your neighbors
Live not to cast stones and burn bridges
Instead become an architect of love
Engineer towers of truth
These are your declarations


Poetic Justice

By: Phalande Jean

There is no justice in poem nor prose

senseless killings and disregard for other humans cannot be rescued by stanzas

words are not enough when we are on a decline

the periods do not signify a stop to the bigotry, racism, sexism and patriarchy

no rhyme or reason can undo the bullets shots oversees for the sake of our own greed

the syllables echo religious dogma that has us brainwashed to

believe in a God of gender and color

we are limited by 26 letters to describe an institution that has no regard for human life

spoken word is a what a mime is to a blind man

still we must recite

if there is any hope of resuscitate the spirit of those gone to soon

from the other side they compel us to expel truth


This piece is unfinished, but I felt the need to post it. I mean no offense to poets, writers and spoken word artists, I love and respect this art form. But when the writing spirits moves you, you must follow it and let it use you.