Often times I’m like I need a husband who is a

photographer, musician, doctor, chef and basketball player

when all it really means is that I am looking for a soul mate

who is creative, knows how to use his hands, compassionate,

smart, financially stable and tall.

Is that too much to ask?

Maybe I’m asking too much.

The Conversation

It’s time for mental health to become a part of the conversation.
Silence and stigma are deadly.
Stand for those who suffer alone, those that battle in silence.
Rock bottom has become too familiar for our loved ones.
RIP to those we’ve lost to suicide
And to those who are still battling, remember
You are worthy of life, life is worthy of you. 
You are loved baby girl, you are loved baby boy.

Season of the Soul

Fall is more a season of the soul and the slight chill in the air lifts my spirit. My content with this Miami weather is reflected in my choice of attire. I am always a fan of changing it up, although Fall calls for more neutral colors, I decided to add a pop of color by wearing a kente patterned scarf.