You don’t have to

you don’t

you don’t have to

you don’t have to hide

you don’t have to hide your scars

you don’t have to hide your scars from me

your scars, your story

it does not make you

unattractive, unappealing, unwanted

your scars are my map


i’ve been on a journey to find you

“Those who carry the torch to light the way for others too often gets burned”

RIP Karyn Washington

Another Queen lost to suicide.

Health is often said to be wealth, we forget that mental well-being is a part of that package. It’s mind, body and soul and finding equilibrium for these three is not always easy. But when one is regarded as make belief or unreal, we start to see a society of people succumbing to something that is very deadly, very powerful and very real.


i love her like the seasons

delicate like the snowflakes of a fearless winter

soul searing as the sun of a sizzling summer

i love him like the seasons

refreshing like the dew that kisses the flower petals of blooming spring

freely as the changing leaves of an earth toned autumn

you loved me for a season

temporary like the smile of a spring garden awaiting the pain of summer’s unrelenting furnace

on occasion as the leaves abandon the branch for whence it came to spare itself from love’s brutal winter

you left me without reason

still i love you like the seasons


yup I was his girl

made me feel like I was…

his world

all along he was a master of the galaxies

my sky began to fall down

stars of deception shot across

and my moon so full of woes

never saw the sun again

never felt the warmth the same

the sweet hues of the sky

reminiscent of the colors

for the rainbow that represented the

chromatic composition of how we felt for each other

turned to gray

at least 50 shades


50 shades of gray

50 shades of

days spent crying

hoping that my tears would bludgeon all the pain that had built up inside

my heart

hoping that my tears would cleanse my soul

dissolve the soul ties that we had formed

feels like a mannequin, connected, weaved together

these soul ties

are lies

soul lies

so lies my heart for you to stomp on

you say you love me

you say you love me?

me love self

more than you

so thats why

you can go ahead and be masters of your galaxy

milk your way through deception

have your cake and eat it to

cause I guess that’s what you’re suppose to do

but I am more than dessert

I am a delicacy

delicate, decadent

and worth it to be seen, touched.

no worth it to be experienced

ablige your senses in me

delicacy, see I

I found my worth

I am worth more than worlds

galaxies are like chump change to what is my equality

because I realize I am regal, regality

this love it’s a fallacy

never fall for what you just see

because he is the master of the galaxies

and I was just his girl

he is the master of the galaxies

and I was just his world

By: Phalande Camille

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