Lose Weight

I want to hold you in that way
Like jeans too tight to zip up
You can overflow on me
I don’t need to contain you
The universe has
given you permission
To burst out the seams
Ill follow your stretchmarks
To the moon and back
Explore your craters
Your mountain and your hills
You’ve been holding your breath
Sucking it in
Tucking it in
The galaxy has
created space
for you to


Death comes as a thief in the night, these four walls can’t save you. Better make your heart your home, for that they can’t kill. Better make your soul your home, for that they can’t take.

Punani poetry

Craving conversation

Tantalizing touch

Seeking sweetness

Rhythmic rendez-vous

Yearning you

Interacting intellect

Feening feel

Dancing dreams

Wanting wetness

Caressing kisses

Desiring drip-drops

Licking lust